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Architectural metalworks

Architectural metalworks are widely used in the modern architecture in various constructions. Our factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” is an expert in manufacturing that kind of structures.

There are sufficient engineering solutions to construct modern buildings. One of them is light-gage metalworks (LGM).

Light-gage metalworks are structures with large spans. The fences are made using profiled light-gage sheet metal and synthetic heat retainer of lightweight type, so-called sandwich panels.

In addition to using the increased strength steel profiles in frameworks of buildings, LGM allows reducing metal consumption in one and a half times or even twice. That results in buildings weight reduction in three or even four times. Further on, labor costs would drop down 1.3 – 1.5 times. A distinctive feature of such structures is the possibility to deliver those to the construction site, plus technological equipment, and the house would be key-ready. With the technology of such level, the construction elements are put together with bolts only (which is most popular nowadays). LGM saves the time needed to complete the works approximately twice. Financial expenses come down to 30%. Besides, such buildings withstand earthquakes way better, they are more fireproof, low maintenance, offer better architectural opportunities. During construction economizing expenses on foundation, faster site assembly and the reduced material cost. Architectural metalworks  are a better choice.

Using the architectural metalworks in various structures reaches a new level, leaving behind those few “the last of the Mohicans” to work the same old way. In addition to all those architectural metalworks, we produce fences, gates, blinds, locks, metal doors, railings, hinges, weathercocks, staircases, decorative metalworks – actually anything  made of metal, even with chrome and gold plating.

We can manufacture anything you may ever need: functional or decorative items. You may bring your own drawings – the pictures with absolutely all dimensions and parameters specified. Alternatively, a sketch, or a non-professional draft picture, may be provided. Should it be necessary, a skilled technician from us may visit you to solve any engineering task. 

Our blacksmiths will forge your orders. It was Jean Tijou, the blacksmith who settled in England yet back in the end of XVII century and who founded the art of ornamental forging of gates, fences, railings, and he was given his Noble title for decorating Royal country houses. It`s good to know that his students work for us!

Our firm learned to manufacture street furniture. We make pre-engineered metal buildings and we manufacture and install metalworks. To manufacture street furniture we use modern high-quality materials. It is our highly skilled professional workers who carry out all the work using modern professional tools. Architectural metalworks represent the dawn of tomorrow.