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Metal bending

Need to bend a pipe? A beam? Or an L-shaped edge profile? Our factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” is an expert in bending works of any kind. We can bend a beam of  any profile, a pipe of any diameter, metal items at any angle,  the same pipe or the same profile in several points.

Our factory has modern programmable equipment. Our highly qualified professionals will do their work perfectly and in time. No matter how complicated an order may be, the experience of our workers  is the guarantee of the best result.

Bending a beam. We can bend beams that are made of both carbon steels and low-alloyed steels.

Beams are multipurpose so they make the building process or the suspended structures installation much easier. Beams with various profiles save time and cut expenses when laying foundations, flooring, making bridges etc.

Our prices are fair and affordable.

Pipes are bent using various methods and technologies. We can bend pipes of any length with diameter up to 219mm, at any angle. We can bend an item wavelike, form it into a spiral, bend it at square angle or at minimal angle with superior accuracy. We can bend the same pipe in several points at different angles, which is very useful when laying several pipelines together. We can bend a pipe by a particular radius. We can also bend pipes made of stainless steel.

Walls of a copper pipe can easily flatten at the bending point when the pipe is bent. Our professionals know how to avoid it.

Save your time, don`t try to bend pipes on your own, just contact our factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” right now.

Metal bending is often the next step after metal cutting. With a punch (the punch is a wedge-shaped plunger of a press) on a V-shaped die, a workpiece is bent at any angle needed. The technology may be three-point bending or free bending. 

During the three-point bending, it is the V-shaped die depth that is adjusted, thus changing the bending angle. This method needs more efforts to bend an item.

Free bending is carried out via pressing a workpiece into the die not all the way down to the bottom of the die, thus only the two edges of the die support the workpiece during the process. The bending angle depends on how deep the punch is put into the die. You don`t need to change tools.

To keep accuracy, both the punch and the die are made a little convex to compensate the deformation occurring during the workpiece bending.