Metalwork producers

Stainless steel works

Stainless steel appeared only 100 years ago, and still it became very popular. We know it and we became experts in developing and producing stainless steel items. Contact us whenever you need:

  • Storage containers with various shapes and volumes
  • Sauna equipment
  • Fireplace equipment, chimneys, gas valves and pipes
  • Accessories for serving meals – tables, tabletops, trays
  • Ladders  for swimming pools
  • Industrial pressure washers, wash stands
  • Equipment for scientific research
  • Landscape design elements
  • Façade decoration elements
  • Entrance lobbies
  • Industrial equipment
  • Decoration and decorative design
  • Metalworks
  • Custom design items                                           

About us:

  • Our plant has modern equipment
  • Our workers are well-skilled and certified
  • Our prices are affordable and competitive
  • We take care of our reputation, we are in the market for a long time, fitting the timeline firmly is our priority
  • We are ready to meet the needs of our clients, this is an approach for a long partnership, so we have many regular clients
  • We have our own large storage facilities, so we can easily make large orders
  • We purchase raw materials only from approved suppliers, thus each metal sheet has quality certificate

Stainless steel items have multiple advantages and no disadvantages.

  • Stainless steel has chrome, and stainless steel does not corrode. Under normal conditions stainless steel items are everlasting
  • Stainless steel items look stylish and luxury
  • Stainless steel is hygienic: it sustains oxidizing process and prevents bacteria from reproduction
  • It is very firm and durable, that makes stainless steel so popular in industry and other spheres of life
  • Its durability deserves individual mentioning. This materials does not change appearance after decades
  • Stainless steel is heat-resistent. High temperatures and thermal shocks do not affect either its appearance or properties
  • Stainless steel items are cheap. Those who want to argue may divide the cost with by amount of years in operation.

We have several sorts of steel available, so you get the most appropriate material and the best prices. Bring your drawings printed or as a computer file in a digital file and very soon you will see your ideas in real life.

You may order interior elements to be made out of stainless steel by us. You will  demonstrate your status and your orientation towards stability to your clients. If you are a businessperson and wish your office to have high-tech interior design of its interior, it is only possible with stainless steel items. Production facilities cannot work without stainless steel items either. We look forward to cooperating with all clients.