Iron forging

Open sheds

If you are reading this, then you need open sheds. Almost everyone needs open sheds. It may be a temporary garage or storage place for fruits and vegetables or something else. It may also be a covered yard or parking place for several cars at once. An open shed may hide a dinner table or BBQ from sunlight. An open shed may actually be anything: pavilions, hangars – whatever.

It would not be easy to list just every “profession” of an open shed. The factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” will be pleased to produce open sheds with any dimensions. We produce open sheds according to drawings or sketches from our customer, or we may offer our solutions for every particular case, too. We produce open sheds out of steel, stainless steel, or any other material that our client may wish. During the period the factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” is in business, very many clients highly evaluated superior quality of our products. We can make welded, forged open sheds, or even open sheds with decorated bolts for true devotees. Opportunities of various materials in various combinations have no limit. So, you may get an exclusive open shed no one else has. We may even make a shed with glass walls. What about a floor made of reinforced glass?

All the items that we produce look great, fitting perfectly into the landscape. Any wish of a customer is taken into consideration.

Open shed covering may be just any: triplex, polycarbonate, decorative elements. It protects you from sunrays and rain.

The framework will be made out of metal rod with round or rectangular cross-section, stainless steel, bars.

If the customer wishes, our trained workers install open sheds of any design, fast and reliable.

We also produce eaves over entrance doors, balconies, out of forged iron and other materials.

If necessary, our worker may visit you to give some professional advices regarding the open shed selection and installation.

Upon request, we may produce a firm and steady open shed.

Our factory can produce an open shed for several dozens cars. It may be interesting for starting a business.

If necessary, the open shed may contain H-beams, U-profiles etc.

For covering, we can use polycarbonate 6-16mm thick, and also profiled sheet metal with polymer coating. Color range is wide, too – it can be yellow, light-cyan, lacteous, silver, blue, bronze, green, red or transparent.

You may order sheds by phone, by a letter, having called for an expert from us, or during a personal visit to us.

High-class quality design is guaranteed by our factory TNM MANUFACTURING.