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Reinforcing cage

Reinforced concrete structures are impossible without reinforcing cage. Reinforcing cages provide the structure with stiffness, allowing withstanding tension, bending, torque loads. Reinforcing cages are irreplaceable during production of reinforced concrete plates, reinforced walls, road building and in many other situations. Our factory TNM MAMUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” successfully produces these and many other orders involving reinforcing cages with any configuration.

Please, notice that reinforcing cages are supplied with no painting or coating.

Reinforcing cages may be of two types: heavyweight and lightweight. It depends on the reinforcement rod diameters and their layout. With various layouts, reinforcing cages may be flat, reinforcing mesh, or spatial – square, triangular, T-shaped, spherical. The shape of the reinforcing cage depends on design of a future item.

If several flat frameworks, reinforcing meshes are combined, we may get a spatial reinforcing cage. Such a basis may be made right on construction site, thus reducing costs for the complicated cage transportation.

Nowadays, production of reinforcing cages moved to specialized facilities from construction sites. This improves quality and reliability of construction. The time needed for installation is also reduced.

Reinforcing cages are welded or bound structures made of special rod and reinforcing elements. Modern technology replaced binding with spot welding, thus significantly improving the quality of construction.

Modern reinforcing cages are made of steel rods, via welding or binding them at needed angles. Only the steel of the type that matches the project specifications must be used.

Our factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” produces flat and spatial reinforcing cages for businesses, construction organizations and individuals. We use only high-quality materials from reliable suppliers. If necessary we may produce reinforcing cages with any configuration according to the drawings or sketches provided by our clients.

Our storage facilities always have ready-to-use reinforcing cages for general purposes.

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