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A bracket is a supporter that is suitable for fixing parts of any horizontal structure, or mechanism, upon a column, a wall, or any other vertical surface. Our factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” can make absolutely different brackets for any purposes.

A bracket may be a single part or consist of multiple parts, or it can be just a bold portion of any other basic part.

Its operating principle is mechanical, when the material withstands shifting and shearing.

Brackets are used mainly for connecting parts, devices  and etc. on vertical planes. For example, it is via brackets that the antennas, various cables, covering materials and etc. are fixed with.

In architecture, brackets are used to support extending parts of buildings, balconies, cornices and etc. Brackets are often decorated with curls, spirals etc. Also brackets hold lining bricks and facework.

If you want to have a CCTV camera, you will need a reliable bracket.

If you have purchased an LCD or LED TV, you will need a special bracket.

When necessary, brackets may be painted into any color or a combination of colors. For example, a bracket for an ornamental flowerpot may have a pattern with plants, animals or an abstract ornament.

Should the client decide so, brackets may be made out of stainless steel, decoration bar, wire; they may be chrome-plated.

We can produce wall/ceiling mountable brackets. Also we can produce L-shaped constructions for any purpose. 

We can produce brackets for lighting with as many lamps as needed – for illuminating parking lots, roads, highways, gas stations, yards etc. Power lines will be inside the brackets.

We produce items that have superior quality. Our technical solutions would satisfy the most demanding clients. Their design is constantly improved according to the best engineering ideas available. The factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC” is ready to execute your order any time.