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Embedded parts

What are embedded parts? Those are just metal elements of framework in a structure, made of angle beam, round steel bars or flat steel. The embedded parts are installed (embedded!) into the frameworks of miscellaneous structures before filling it with concrete, to allow welding those parts later on when putting those blocks made of reinforced concrete together. Our factory TNM MANUFACTURING "TNM Expanded Metal Components Manufacturing LLC”  is an expert in producing various embedded parts.

Embedded parts may be divided into two types – they can be open or close. It depends on anchor rods position relatively the flat element. Anchor rods may be located parallel, perpendicular, inclined or mixed. When necessary, the rods may have threads.

Our factory produces both welded and pressed to shape. They may fit both lightweight concrete and heavyweight concrete structures. They will be made of only the proper metal that matches requirements of technology and standards. All design specifications will be thoroughly followed, welding methods will fully correspond to the design criteria, anticorrosion protection will present, and the embedded parts may be fixed via various methods, as appropriate.

The welded embedded parts mainly consist of anchor rods welded to plates. Depending on the nature of forces that affect the part, also on the location of the part and on its in-frame installation convenience considerations, various connection methods can be used.

We can produce embedded parts with sophisticated design, with angles, stiff anchors, regular and inclined anchors welded.

We also produce embedded parts pressed into shape. They are good for smaller loads. It may be reinforced concrete elements of large panel buildings or the parts that transfer the load from the wall panel to the column. All parameters of embedded parts fully match design specifications.

Usually embedded parts are supplied with no painting or coating. Only those parts may have coating that are not casted with concrete and stay outside the concrete panel to be later attached to other metalworks.